Copper, Colorado

Copper, Colorado


Includes one ArmMap and one attachment coil.


There for you

The ArmMap’s primary function is to be there when you need it, for example, on a ski lift, without needing to empty your pockets. We’ve all seen skis and poles underneath the chairlift - don’t be that guy or gal. Keep your gloves on. We have the technology.


Easy to Read

Color coded to match the ski trail difficulty, ArmMap is also designed with clear typography and an easy key to minimize your time spent figuring out where you are. There aren’t any trees or artistic flourishes. Ski Maps are art, but not the most ideal things to read quickly before you get stuck after the lifts close. # minimalism.


Durable & Secure

ArmMap is made from a literally military grade durable material that is tear-resistant and waterproof. The trail maps are printed directly on to the surface in vivid colors that hold up against snow and water. The attachment coil is also flexible enough to maintain a hard crash, but tight enough to fit firmly around any size arm or snow jacket.


Not A Smartphone

Smartphones are great. But they’re still slippery and not very durable, and they’re still tucked in your pocket. And by the way… touchscreen-compatible gloves are expensive. And do we need to remind you about battery life? Thought so. Then there’s the chance of dropping your shiny 128 gigabyte precious off the lift. And don’t get me started on trying to navigate a mountain on a smartwatch…

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